German Airforce Music

In 1935 the Luftwaffe's Musikkorps were keen to announce their arrival and introduced a distinctive style of brass music to emphasise this new air-arm within Nazi Germany's newly-created Wehrmacht. The freshly appointed Luftwaffen musikinspizient Prof. Hans Felix Husadel, un-bound by the strict tradition of the army, set about 'freeing' Luftwaffe music and brought the full range of clarinets, bass trumpet and alto-slide trombone into the musical line-up, plus the saxophone, so breaking a previously long-held boycott of this, supposedly, 'Negro instrument'.

With the enthusiastic support of Herman Göring, a change to the construction of existing instruments was also made and the much-beloved traditional rotary valves were replaced on the bass trumpet by pump valves! In a further move, Husadel engaged composers who would write specifically for the new arm to develop a modern style of military band music more similar to the American 'Sousa' style than the old traditional Prusso-German marches.

With Prof. Husadel's modern and exciting compositions allied to his introduction of silver-plated instruments over the army's more traditional and standard 'plain' brass finishes, a much more distinctive look and sound for the Luftwaffe's military bands was guaranteed and this successful transformation was fundamental in now promoting a feeling of elitism and real pride in this, the new airm arm within the Nazi Third Reich.

All Luftwaffe Geschwader paraded a Musikkorps and a fife & drum Spielleute and now Tomahawk Films are pleased to present 14 superb, digitally remastered tracks containing poweful Luftwaffe military marches and Nazi-inspired anthems & Korps songs including -

'Viele schwarze Vögel - Deutsche Piloten - Marsch des Jagdgeschwaders 'Richthofen' - Fallschirmjäger greifen an - Stuka vor! - Lied der Junkers 88 - Rot scheint die Sonne - Flieger sind Sieger - Es blitzen die stählernen Schwingen - Bomben auf Engeland! - Lied der Flak-Artillerie - Flieger sein heisst Sieger sein - Lied der Junker Flugwerke and Ich hatt einen Kameraden ...

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