Old Comrades Singing

After the Second World War, fifty former soldiers drawn from the elite units of the Waffen-SS including Das Reich, Germania, Der Führer, Wiking, Totenkopf and the SS-Leibstandarte 'Adolf Hitler', came together to record some of the most famous German military marching songs, which recalled the days when they were Adolf Hitler's favourite soldiers. Now older, but with voices still strong and true and with shared memories as Nazi Germany's finest combat soldiers stemming the Russian forces on the Eastern Front and taking on the might of the Allied Forces in Normandy still just as vivid, these upright Waffen-SS veterans once again recreate some of the finest and evocative Marschlieder as would have been powerfully sung on the march. (i.e. without musical instruments unlike our black-covered 'The Leibstandarte-SS' CD, which offers Hitler's bodyguard divisional band & its SS choir performing together, in unison!).

Originally recorded acapella style, (ie without musikkorps or band accompaniement) in a small room above a bier-keller in the attractive German town of Minden and conducted by SS-Hauptsturmführer Fritz Bunge, the war-time SS-Chor und Musikmeister with the elite Waffen-SS Musikkorps 'Deutschland', Tomahawk Films, courtesy of the Waffen-SS Veterans' Soldatenchor of Minden under the leadership of Willy Casselmann, have been generously granted the exclusive world rights to digitally remaster & release this wonderfully evocative recording.

Old Comrades Singing offers 14 of the finest heart-rending and emotional recordings of such famous songs as:

Ein Heller und ein Batzen - Westerwaldlied - Est ist so schon, Soldat zu zein -Wildganse rauschen durch die Nacht - Der junge Fahnrich -Wir ziehen unsere Strasse - Argonnerwald um Mitternacht -Ich bin ein freier Wildbretschutz -Markische Heide -Frühmorgens wem die Hahne krah'n - Infanterie, du bist die Krone - Gute Nacht Kameraden and Wenn alle untreu werden plus the complete version of one of the most widely requested German Korps songs 'Ob's sturmt, oder schneit', or better known as the 'Panzerlied', the song that will forever be associated with Warner Brother's classic World War Two movie 'The Battle of the Bulge'!

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