Songs of Mimi Thoma

Born in Munich in 1909, Mimi Thoma originally began her career working in the nursing profession, with long-terms plans to specialise in Paediatrics, however as a very talented amateur singer in her spare time, she was soon discovered in the 1930s when performing part-time in some of the many small nightclubs that were dotted around her city.

With a wonderfully wistful & moody delivery, very much en vogue in the pre-war German cabaret scene, she soon built up a massive following across Adolf Hitler's Third Reich, so ranking her alongside the likes of simiar but more famous singers, Lale Andersen & Zarah Leander. Promoted on all the concert-hall bill-boards as: ‘A voice that everyone knows’.. Mimi became a great favourite with the Nazi propagandists and as such was variously signed to the  German Grammophon, Telefunken & Polydor recording labels during her singing career and also found herself acting in several Berlin-produced movie-musicals later on in the war.

Surviving war’s end in May 1945, Mimi was asked to perform for an Allied Red Cross concert in late 1945 before embarking on several years of touring across post-war Germany but, never able to recapture her war-time success, she sadly died in Cologne in 1968 aged just 59, alone and forgotten, not knowing that years later, Steven Spielberg would use her evocative children’s song, ‘Mamatschi’ on the sound-track of his Hollywood blockbuster movie Schindler’s List… Now this evocative CD offers 13 of her most famous songs, plus a producer’s introduction, including:

Büble, mein Büble - Zigeunerweisen - Flattern zum Abschied die Fahnen -  Der Rosenkranz - Es ist  immer das alte Lied - Einsamer Sonntag - An Dich! - Servus Du..! - Peterle  and of course Mamatschi..!

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